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How you should confront a cheating partner or spouse

confront cheater

confront cheater

Have you heard of the phrase that goes, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”

You can stop, think of it a little or give your relationship another chance. These are the only three plausible options.

A relationship between a couple is a roller coaster ride.

It should be nurtured well like a plant for growth and ripening.

However, if there is a remote inkling or feeling that one partner is not fully within the relationship, then there is a need to sort it out lest it results in permanent irreparable damage like seeking or involving a third person and making it a crowded affair in a relationship or wedding life.

It is a tricky thing to have a wrong seed of suspicion. But it is also not good to stay ignorant of it if you begin to start doubting your partner’s activities.

Whatever the cause, there are always ways to resolve it or break it off entirely and move on, if the other party is unwilling to compromise on an unhappy relationship. The key to making a good relationship last, is only when the two individuals are entirely happy with each other and accept each other for the way they are.

So let us look at a couple of confirmed tell tale signs based on which one can confront a suspected cheating partner who has been fiddling or expressing infidelity in a relationship which is truly faithful on the other end.

  1. It is not an easy task to get a remorse or acceptance of being charged guilty. They will only try to defend their case as much as possible. Hence, it is always essential to collect valid pieces of confirmed evidence to confront a partner about their illegal activities. For example, it could be as simple as charging them for their erratic unnecessary mood swings and proving that they are happy otherwise by producing the 1000$ Gucci dress they bought at a store. In short, be prepared for their worst reaction when confronted
  2. You can also approach a private investigator to give you solid examples of your partner fooling around with you and enjoying with a third persona.You can hire a hacker to monitor your partners mobile phone and keep a track of his/her activities while they are away.
  3. Try to catch them red-handed if you know the place where they are goofing around by barging in unannounced and make them feel off-guarded about their whereabout locations and infidelities
  4. While you are sleuthing (actually improper, yes) but when you are not left with any other option, other than to go over their stuff , try to get some solid evidence so as to confront them more boldly and distinguishably which will make them find no treason to hide anything from you
  5. Be very smart and bold in your approach of talking to them as you are aware that you have not done anything wrong and just pointing out the wrongdoings of your partner for having let down your trust. So there should be no place for doubts on fear on your part. Else the partner might just as well make use of the opportunity to blow up your holes of doubt and try to deviate from the subject by blaming it all on you
  6. Another prime thing is to set the location where it is calming for both of you. When you start the accusations in a subtle manner, do not start throwing a fight immediately despite knowing that it would be the most obvious state of mind. Yet, in order to settle this calmly, choose a serene place and do the confrontation calmly taking up a neutral stand in the first stance.

Although once done, the act is done. If a man or woman cheats, there is always some form of remedial action needed. Either in a good way or a bad one. But whatever it is, it is best to face it out and confront and talk about the issue to try and resolve it, rather than trying to put or bury it under the carpet so that it affects the mental health of the couple involved in the relationship. And also, it does take a lot to stand up and make the confrontation with the opposite partner despite staying super close with them for all through the years or months. However, be your brave self and brace it all with a calm demeanor and win the marathon race of life. True to the saying,

“If you love someone do not cheat, if you want to cheat, set them free.”

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