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How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account?

recover facebook account

Although Facebook has always taken the security seriously yet it is convenient losing your access to personal account because some one trying to get access to your Facebook account may hire a hacker for Facebook. If anyone gains access or recognizes your password by knowing social engineering that can be destroying for you as well as your connections. It is quite difficult to regain your access but can recover hacked Facebook account with most information.

Password Recovery by Self

recover facebook account

  1. Take Immediate Action

Once Facebook emails you about any suspicious behavior, you can take an action directly. The longer the hacker could access your account, higher the chances will be to alter important information that can make it difficult for you to get back the access.

Read all the security emails from Facebook and perform the steps as instructed which is more likely to be

  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Change Password option &
  • Secure your Account (other links to help you regain access)

The fast you can act upon receiving the suspicious mail from Facebook, you can step forward to secure your account from the hackers.

  1. Unable To Login Into Your Hacked Account


The hacker has already managed to change the password and your email connected with the Facebook…..chill as you can still recover hacked Facebook account. Even if this hacker has put on Two-Factor Authenticator, it is still possible to recover your Facebook profile.

One effective solution to recover your hacked Facebook profile is going through all the various email notifications you receive from the Facebook for security.

You are sure to receive the mails from “” or “Facebook”. So click on these mails and secure your Facebook account (Steps mentioned in Point No.1). If you see these links are of NO help then you can read the Facebook tutorials and recover your account.

  1. Recovering Your Password

If you see your old password is working NO more, you can suspect that somebody has put on a new password. What you can do next is you can click on the recovery options of your Facebook account. Here are the steps you can follow for the same

  • Open the Facebook Page
  • Click on the Login Page
  • Click on Forgotten Password

Doing these steps, you will get the option of putting your email id or contact details linked with your Facebook account. Click on the Search button.

Again Facebook gives you another option to “Reset Your Password”. Tick on the option like you want to login using your

  • Email ID or
  • Mobile Number or
  • Google Account

Then click on the “Continue” button and receive the code through the option you have selected. Put the code in the space given and again click on “Continue”.

Enter a new Password which will be of 6 long characters (it should be a combination of letters, punctuation marks and digits). Confirm the Password you entered into the first place and then click on Continue button again.

So see….it is easy!

In case if you are feeling it a problem to recover hacked Facebook account by yourself, there are other ways as well.

Password Recovery by Friends or Family


Let us see how you can recover hacked Facebook account with the help of your friend or a family member.

  1. Choose a Trustworthy Friend or Family

First of all find a friend or a family member who you can rely upon and seek his/her help for the same. Ask him/her to follow the steps

  • Open Facebook Page
  • Click on Login
  • Go to your profile to be recovered

For this the person who is trying to recover hacked Facebook account needs to

  • Go to profile
  • Under the option, look for 3 Dots
  • Finally choose the option “Find support or report profile”

A dialog box of Report Window opens up.

  1. Report Window

Once the Report Window opens up, ask the person to choose

  • Choose “I can’t access my account”
  • Click on the “Next” button

You see another Dialog Box opening up in front of your screen

  1. Recover this Account

In the dialog box, the person can see the option “Recover this account”. Ask him/her to click on the option to get to the next option.

  1. No Longer Have Access to These

At the bottommost of the window, you can ask the person to click on the option

  • No longer have access to these” and then
  • Click on the Continue button

Another window opens up.

  1. Enter Your Details

As the name implies, the person will be asked to enter the details of your Contact Number or Email ID that you can access. Here is how he/she can do it

  • Type the Email ID or the Phone Number
  • Confirm the Email ID or the Phone Number 
  • Click on the Continue button

Once you follow the last step, an executive from the Facebook Support team will contact you for further assistance.

Also the person can be asked to upload an authenticated

  • Passport or
  • Driver’s License

The document should be clearly scanned to avoid any confusion. And sometimes you need to click a picture on your webcam. In such a scenario, make sure the room you are in has proper lighting so that you can click a clear picture of yours.

Sooner you have uploaded the document, the executive from the Facebook can offer his/her assistance in just 1 to 2 weeks.

Password Recovery through Facebook

  1. Report about your Hacked Account through the Facebook

If any of the above methods are not functioning properly then report your recover hacked Facebook account to the Facebook Support directly.

  1. Report Page

Open the Facebook page and then on

  • Click on Hacked Account Report Page &
  • Click on “My Account Is Compromised”

Then you are taken to another window

  1. Enter your Details

In the new window, you need to

  • Enter your Email ID or Phone Number
  • Click on the “Search” button

Finally you will be asked to enter the recent password you remember and click on the “continue” button to recover hacked Facebook account. It may instruct you further to help in recovering your account.

Facebook may further ask you to upload the scanned picture of your ID Proof as an authenticator as I have explained in the previous sections.

Please fill the contact form below to hire a hacker and submit your hacking requirements, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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