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How to Hire A Hacker Who can Fix Credit Score

Fix Credit Score

Spent much of your precious time on the websites and blogs about personal finance you might have come across one odd trend among forum posters and community members. They have a story to share about their respective hackers.

Not for any cybercrime but to correct credit scores they have hired personal hackers. And yes successfully they became proud to share their FICO score at the level of 800. But does it make sense – Hire a hacker and fix your credit score. Check out a few facts about the theory.


Can A Hacker Correct Your Credit Score?

The simple answer to this question is YES. A hacker can do wonders increasing the level of your credit score by fixing the errors due to which your credit score turned down. Here is how hackers do it.


Visit Equifax, Experian & Trans Union Buildings     

Sounds a bit tough but not that much for a hacker. This is the building wherein the records of credit scores are being kept. Your hacker (without coming into notice) installs “Remote Access Trojan” in their server. Once done their server easily registers into the hacker’s “RAT” server. The hacker follows the same process for the next two buildings.


Your Hacker Comes Back Home 

What next? Turning “On” the PC you can see 3 computers from 3 buildings (Equifax, Experian & Trans Union) are listed on your server.


Access Terminal Screen of Equifax 

To access Equifax, the hacker Right Clicks to open the Terminal screen and then enter some commands to get hold of the Directory containing information such as:


  • Your Data is kept
  • Discover the file reading your name
  • Open or Download the file using Vin or other Editor
  • Verify if it is your file containing


  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Phone
  • Your Social Site Details
  • Your Credit Incidents
  • Your Late Payments etc


  • Delete your file with bad credit information
  • Artificially increase the credit score from (800-850)
  • Save the edited File
  • Close the Screen


Final Step 

Your Hacker repeats the procedure for the remaining 2 servers. Once he/she completes the process your credit score shows you are looking forward to it to be in their servers too.

Congratulations to have increased your credit score finally!


Is It Safe To Employ A Hacker?

To get an answer to this question you should personally check out the information on blogs and other references from users. There are certain facts you should know before you hire a hacker.

Yes hiring a hacker does the job for you. With his/her assistance you can actually:


  • Clear your debts of Credit Card
  • Increase your Credit Score


Sounds good but you should give it a second thought before you employ one. Here it is why.


Identity Theft 

Say for example you desire to purchase a car or a house but you know it is hard to get the loan owing to poor credit score. Next, you employ an ethical hacker to fix up your credit score playing just 100 bucks via mail.

To get things done you share with him all personal details including:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Address
  • A/C Numbers
  • Social Security Figures

Just the perfect recipe for a hacker (operating against the law) to take up your identity, isn’t it?


Ruin Your Credit Score 

Using this awesome recipe your hacker can ruin your score further. He/she has all the required information. Think of a hacker who can take the risk to increase your credit score. Then why can’t he/she use the facts to decrease your score? And you have no other means to safeguard yourself. So be careful.


Not All Ethical Hackers Play According To The Rules

Yes, you have paid well to the ethical hacker and he/she has done the job perfectly. But you can’t assure that the hacker won’t use your information or rather sell at a great price to the black market. So don’t feel surprised if your hacker doesn’t abide by the rules.


How To Hire An Ethical Hacker? 

Sounds good to Hire a hacker specifically if the forum posts and comments are worth it. It implies great to email someone and seeks assistance to increase your credit score instantly. You should discover an ethical hacker who knows and follows the rules. Here is how you can come across the right person for the job.


Post On Websites 

Today finding an ethical hacker is no more a problem. Identify relevant websites aimed for programmers who are aware of different programming languages and post your requirement to Hire a hacker. Your inbox is going to be filled with email ids of professional ethical hackers undoubtedly.


Seek Help from Community Members 

This is again a very good idea if you are a community member. As already discussed, there are community members who mostly share their personal stories with hackers. If you come across any, ask the email id of the hacker, contact him/her and get your job done at once.


Contact Appropriate Organizations 

Search online and Mr. Google is going to help you with the names of relevant organizations. They have a wide range of Address Books from wherein you can Hire a hacker to fix your scrape information completely.


Use Relevant Lists of Mails 

Check out for appropriate mailing lists including the Addresses of ethical hackers who can mend your credit score for good. Get the Addresses and seek help from the best at once.


Competitions & Hackathons 

Even if there is no prize money or other rewards Visualization and App competitions often prove advantageous to make connections and collaborate with others. Participate in such competitions and gain what you are looking for.


Check Out for Skill Sets 

Hackers do vary in skill sets. Before you Hire a hacker find out about what he/she knows. And whether his/her knowledge can help you earn a good credit score from Equifax, Experian & Trans Union. This can help you locate the right person for the right job.


Summary:  Hire a hacker to increase your credit score and get a loan from financial centers without a problem. But finding the right person is of utmost importance to keep your credentials safe.

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